Raising Solutions 'Break Your Mother's Back' Commercial

View our videos below for time lapses of Raising Solutions in action! 

We perform all types of services from raising a sidewalk and filling a void under a back porch patio to lifting a front porch and fixing bumps on driveway approaches.

Our polyurethane foam reacting under a back patio

Back patio void fill in Washington Missouri

Raising Solutions uses a very unique product called polyurethane foam which reacts and expands instantly to raise your concrete immediately!

Driveway lift

Eliminate the BUMP getting into your garage by getting your driveway lifted.

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Raising a garage floor

Lifting a garage floor in Washington Missouri

Raising Solutions' process is far less invasive and requires NO demolition!

Lifting a front porch

The guys at Raising solutions helping a customer out with a settled front porch in Owensville Missouri

Our technique is quick, effective, and doesn't leave an ugly mess!

Eliminating trip hazards

Lifting concrete to eliminate trip hazards at a senior living home in St.James Missouri

Raising Solutions concrete raising process does not require tearing up the ground or the existing concrete.

This saves you time and money!

Void filling under a back patio

Filling a massive void under a back patio in Columbia Missouri

Hiring a contractor to demolish your old porch or patio creates a huge mess and can be very expensive.

Raising Solutions can fill any concrete void, large or small, save your existing concrete, and protect your landscaping!

Decorative concrete lift

Lifting a decorative concrete sidewalk in Owensville Missouri

With Raising Solutions' fast setting polyurethane foam, there's no long wait for a concrete mixture to dry so you'll be able to walk on your concrete immediately!

Saving settled decorative concrete by raising it with foam

Incredible video of Raising Solutions crew raising concrete

Is your decorative concrete settling?  No problem!  Raising Solutions will take extra care to make sure it stays beautiful.